Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Rihanna’s tattoos

I didn’t know this child had 400 tattoo’s upon her body surface. I thought she had that one constellation down her back bone and that was it. she really is a good girl gone bad. By now you all should know my stance with females and tattoo, and I’m happy to report that Rhi has not fallen into the ridiculous tattoo category where she looks like a convicted fool from rikers *ahem keyshia cole and MJB*

Me and my Homie Bologna Mz Virgo was just chatting about tattoo’s and she informed me that she has 1 million of them but none of her arms after breathing a sigh of relief I inducted her into my friendship of fame. So if you want to remaine be my friend lets think about the places we will put our tattoos and think about what we actually want to be permanently placed on our bodies.

Okay???…. Okay
The tattoo behind your ear is a Pisces symbol–two fish swimming head to tail in a circle–which represents life after death. If possible, what would you be reincarnated as?

“If I had to come back in another form, it would be as my dog, DJ. He gets the best treatment, all the attention in the world, and he’s so adorable. Plus, he goes everywhere I can take him.”

Not a bad answer, dumb but not a bad answer (them damn dogs do get treated like royalty). I think i would come back as a gun, so that i can kill people….(yes I’m crazy) what would you come back as??? and if you have tattoos what and where are they (and why)


9 Responses to “Rihanna’s tattoos”

  1. mzvirgo says:

    BWAAHAHAAAA! Awww, how sweet. Rihanna’s tattoos are cool too

  2. Quick says:

    I like the stars down the neck…but all that other ish is just too much extraness-

  3. HotSauce!! says:

    Hey quick…Missed you!!

  4. Stacey says:

    tattoos! my favorite topic! i would come back as me..but invisible! and i have two tats and counting. one on my foot which is a butterfly (i know, typical) and the other is pooh bear on my upper right back/shoulder? not my arm and it has stacey pooh underneath b/c that’s what my fam calls me. once i lose 135lbs..literally im getting something right above me muff and other sex inconspiciddus(?) places

  5. HotSauce!! says:

    as long as the tats are not on your arm and the leg part that you can see and it be all big and stupid looking i don’t have a problem

  6. Chloe says:

    Um… first of all, you should learn how to spell and construct correct sentences. Secondly, Rihanna is NOT your friend nor does she even know you exist. Thirdly, she doesn’t get these tats to impress you or anyone else. So… I’d say: YOU’RE NOT HOTT!!

  7. Jessica says:

    i just got my first tattoo and i got 4 stars on my foot. and im a month i plan to color them in pink =]

  8. Anonymous says:

    i tink its cool her tattoos has meabings currently i have 1 on my lower back above my butt with 2 birds and a rose in the middle with my initial below it''' an am gonna put 2 morev 4 christmas

  9. Nini Kay says:

    To be honest I think her tatoos are cool. But she must of went thru a lotta pain to get them. Does it hurt? plz post your answer on my blog – I would really like to know. Thanks!

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