Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

STRESSED… 5 tips to PREVENT slitting your wrist

My locks started out curly and after pulling at my hair all day they are completely straight.  Why am i stressed one might ask, because i think too much about the dumb shit that i shouldn’t be thinking about. I guess i’m just really big on communication and when i don’t get any from people that I have enlisted to help me in my journey, i just get really frustrated. From Big business professionals to small business owners, to friends that are just good at certain things. Im so tired of the not returned phone calls, the ignored emails, and the dismissed facebook inbox msgs. How do i get a hold of you people???

I just feel like it’s rude. I feel like in working with other people that lack proper communication skills, it’s almost like being an an emotionally abusive relationship and not being able to get out of it because you vow to make it work out. Especially after you have put money into your cause you just feel like at this point…. someone needs to pay attention.

I guess i just needed to vent because my mind runs faster then my body moves. I usually think about the next step before my body starts the prior one. I jump to goal number 5 before i properly execute goal number 2. Im always ahead of myself. I need to settle down. How? no idea. I guess until then i just have to kinda get over it and do some woosahh exercises. Breath in Breath out. So in thinking about ways to de-stress i came up with 5 common sense tips that i use to calm down when i realize that there is nothing i can do.

How To Not Slit your Wrist when stressed

1. SCREAM into a pillow… it helps to release the tension in your throat

2. Blog is out.. write something, let go and just write, it doesn’t have to be organized it just need to be  your thoughts. When your down either publish it or erase it

3. Eat a burger… they say not to eat when your stressed because you body will start to depend on food in the time of aggyness, but i say to hell with that Eat something that you love! comfort yourself and just enjoy some time not thinking about why your stressed

4. Go to sleep… When your mind won’t stop mentally cussing everyone out, get in your bed, read a book until you fall asleep, when you wake up you’ll be so lazy that nothing else really matter, tackle all the shit tomorrow.

5.Pray… Ask God to just help you get though one of the prior suggestions and thank him in advance for making you feel better


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