Monday, August 23rd, 2010

I’m A Business Owner

About 3 months ago I was terminated from my corporate prison cubicle and set free in the untamed world of foolishness, overly priced fruits and vegetables, and the eye opening realization that money does not grow on trees. I vowed to use my government saving until i could find a job that would make me happy or to give my own ideas a chance to flourish and strive. The latter of which I created and am now watching grow into a lunch money making business. She goes by the name “Sauce-New England” An entertainment site dedicated to easing the thousands of daily invites regarding events going on in Boston and the surrounding areas. So long are the days when handing on fliers and posting banners about the fun unique event their having, instead facebook and its users are being harasses and stalked by promoters offering the same party that they had the week before but with a differnt theme and a different invitation.

So, what I did was come up with a concept that many of done before but have failed because I obviously don’t know about them. Not to say that i don’t have some stiff competition out there somewhere but i’m almost positive that i have this in the bag due to the adorable success that I have gotten so far. Basically what I did was create a network for people to find out what is going on around town in one spot, one website, one place… something that you can just go to and click on the date and find out all that is happening around New england on that day. You don’t have to sit down and watch 5 minutes of video to get to one event, you can just skim it, rsvp to it, get on the guest list and move on from there.

No doubt I have found it challenging to get people involved, it’s also very tiresome and stressful to try to make sure that the website stays up to date with all the latest and greatest. Because i’m such a business minded person i find it hard to ask someone for help with out being able to off them some kind of incentive. When starting a small business you soon begin to realize that this is your baby. This is what you do, this is your own personal seed that you are trying to nourish and feed and watch grow into something lucrative and successful.

Often times i want to reach out to people that have like minded concepts but i get scared that someone will try and turn my vision into something that it wasn’t created to be. i often feel like if i sweat and strive by myself that i can get more accomplished and stay on the right track. What I need to realize is that it okay to ask for help, it is okay to delegate, just as long as you stay on the right path and stay focused.

i’ll be updating you guys on the process and my life as a business owner/socialite step by step, so stay tuned…. the Fun has only just begun

IN the mean time Log on, Become a member and stay in the know….


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