Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Ray-J’s Mom defends her baby

Good Point Momma Norwood… Ray J, Brandy (Bran’Nu) and the Parents recently appeared on the Wendy Williams Show, and in true Wendy fashion she brought up the infamous Ray-J and Kim Sex Tape. The mother, as we all know is very over protective of Ray J and goes on to ask Wendy very good rhetorical questions like: “Did you see Ray-J on Playboy?” “Do you see ray-J posing for other half naked magazines?” she suggest that maybe the finger/blame should not be pointed at Ray-J and maybe it should be directed to the other party. Ray-J’s Mom and Kim had a big legal dispute going on a little while ago, I posted on it but i’m too lazy to go dig up my archives to go look for it. whatever… check out Momma Norwood going in…

More Kim K news to follow….


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