Monday, August 13th, 2007

Hott Juicy Gossip

I was fishing around the forums over at blackvoices and I came across this one that says something about Olivia (Raven Symone) being a complete and absolute B!TCH……the chick that wrote it (lady3014) said that it’s only a rumor and she doesn’t know how true it is. but it’s not my job to find the truth it’s my job to raise speculation and bring reasonable doubt. hence why it’s called Hott Juicy Gossip!!

Ms Lady3014 said : Well, this one is strictly ‘gossip’ but I thought I’d post it anyway. Me & my bestfriend have a friend who is a professional personal assistant. Anyway, she never speaks on any celebrities one way or the other…except for the other day. My friend was hanging out with her and there was mention of Raven-Symone on the TV.

Well, Jane Doe said, “Ooh, Raven! Nobody wants to work for her. She’s awful. She has a really, really nasty attitude. I don’t see how it is that everyone talks so bad about Lindsey Lohan when Raven Symone is just as bad. I don’t know how she gets away with it. I know someone who had to work with her and she’s a real bitch. She curses like a sailor and she has a drinking problem… and everybody talks about what a dyke she is. I feel bad for Lindsey. Lindsey has a real problem but when you have people like Raven who are just mean and vicious for no reason and getting away with being nasty to people and abusing themselves… it really makes you wonder.”
I think I’m going to believe this one because I don’t really like Olivia and I think she looks like a Little baby trapped in a whales body… there I said it…..SO WHAT!!


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