Tuesday, May 04th, 2010

Kobe is America’s SweetTart/heart

To all you Kobe fans…. Come get your boy….!

(he may need to stay out of his wife’s closet #imjustsaying)

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Tuesday, May 04th, 2010

Diddy’s Mayweather/Mosley Afterparty

The party must go on…

After Mosley got whiplash and beaten like a project kid that didn’t come home when the streets light came on by his DADDY Mayweather, the party still had to go on. Who else parties better then Diddy? In true Diddy fashion he started off by getting the crowd hyped up, advertising and promoting for his liquor CIROC (which is a damn good vodka by the way) the music got all the way TURNT up and celebs (TI, Gabby Union, Swizz and i forget who else I saw) and groupies alike got there drink and dance on. In this exclusive video by DJ Playtime of hot97boston we capture a nice little inside look at Diddy’s after party @ club Eve (Eva Longoria’s night club)

Shouts to DJ Playtime (don’t hurt em’)

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Tuesday, May 04th, 2010

Video Fun: Swagger Wagon

After everyone saw the Sienna SE Volvo Wagon affectionately referred to as the “Swagga Wagon” Every one, well ME, I wanted one. Every time I see someone in a family car, I call it a swagga wagon. When i have road rage coming home from work, i call it something else.  After watching this video I decided that i can’t wait to have a family and own a mini van…. Turn the volume up because it’s sure to get your blood flowing and your head bopping.

Thanks Lamar for the link

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Tuesday, May 04th, 2010

RED CAFE @ Roxy Red 4.29.2010

“RAAAHH I’m ill, I’m Ill, I’m Ill Rah Rah”!!!  That’s my soooonnnnnnggggg!!! (hood rat voice) Red Cafe and his artist ___??___ invaded Boston Last Thursday at The Roxy Red Room in Downtown Boston for Intrigue Thursdays. Him and the crowd rocked out to “I’m Ill” “Hottest in the Hood” and did a lil “Diddy Bopping.” informers tell me that he really rocked the crowd and did his thing on the stage, I should have went but i was in a royal bitch of a mood. Friday they sat for an interview with Hot97Boston’s Dj Chubby Chub. Pics and other crap from the interview will be up later… (i think)

Pics courtesy of WAN

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