Thursday, May 06th, 2010

Kelis is too much for Nas to Handle

Nas and Kelis stay act like two niggers. I think she might be a lil more niggerish then he is, but he sure knew that before he decided to marry her crazy ass. Now since being ordered to pay a ridiculous amount of money on top of a $10k monthly in spousal support, Nas has managed to some how shape shift his money to pluto and wants the judge to take another look at his “finances” and take pity on a fool…

Nas is coming up short. As previously reported, a judge ordered the Queens lyricist to immediately pay 87,000 to Kelis in back spousal and child support. He was also ordered to fork over $10,000 per month in spousal support until he makes up the $299,015.50 he owes.

The judge reportedly set the amount based on the $152,031 per month that Nas earns; but according to new documents obtained by TMZ, the rapper claims he makes “substantially less than that amount.”

Nas’ attorney, Marc Vincent Kaplan, is asking the judge to reconsider and lower the monthly amount. -source

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Thursday, May 06th, 2010

Tyson On the View/Robin Givens VEX

Tyson will appear on the view this coming Friday (Tomorrow, 5/7) and rumor has it that Robin Givens has a stick up her ass. Ain’t nobody checking for you boo, go sit down and relax. Tyson and Barbra reunite since their last interview in 1968 (*giggle*), where she sat with Givens and Tyson and discussed their screwed up marriage. I happened to watch the whole documentary thing on thanksgiving and I think he should have punched her in the face on TV… something about that woman turns me off. any ways…. Givens is mad because she doesn’t want Tyson to go on TV and talk about their marriage cause she’s moved on. I doubt Tyson’s marriage to you is the only thing they can find to talk about.

A source close to the ABC gabfest says that Tyson’s ex Robin Givens is livid that he’s appearing on the show. In fact, our insider claims that the actress reached out to the folks at the network — and requested that her name not be brought up on the program.

“When Robin got word that Mike would be on the show, she reacted immediately,” says our source. “She’d rather not have Mike rehash their rather tumultuous relationship. That was a bad time for her, and she’s moved on.”

“Barbara asked Mike Tyson several questions about their 1988 bombshell interview during [the] taping, which Tyson answered,” confirms a rep for the show.

Says an on-set source: “Mike certainly discusses his relationship with Robin but keeps it short and sweet. The way they split up was so public that it can’t be ignored. But for the most part, Mike did the interview because he wanted to re-establish his relationship with Barbara.”

A rep for Givens insists that the actress never contacted the network, saying: “Robin wishes Mike only the best.” But we hear Givens shouldn’t sweat it either way. (BLAH)

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Thursday, May 06th, 2010

Waka Flocka Finds and Wears A Wig

First of all this is not a picture from that night… Second I just want you to focus on the video.

While in the middle of what seems like a hell of a performance, A fight breaks out in the crowd. It doesn’t seem to stop Waka Flocka from bouncing around and talking his special language. Apparently someones wig gets snatched off and Waka Flocka gets a hold of it and decides that he will just wear it… Who cares right a wig is wig and good wigs are hard to find.

What struck me is NOT, the fact that he put on someone’s nasty ass sweaty wig, but the actual sweat that was pouring from the bodies of him and his people on stage is what had me in shock and horror. I can’t imagine the stench and stickiness of that whole party situation. His body is literally wet with sweat and that club looks like it’s a fire hazard to life. Call me uppity but I hate the feeling of someones wet body rubbing up against me in a dingy ass club. UNLESS it’s a soca party (small disclaimer)

But, OOOHHH LE DOOOO IT *shrugs*

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