I wonder if Kim really feels in her heart that she is sexy, I wonder if she looks in the mirror and says “damn I’m a sexy b!tch” because if she does then I’ll pour out some Hennessy in remembrance of her brain. Anyways Lil Kim recently performed a whole bunch of yelling, screaming, and touching her titties at the “Way Out West Festival in Sweden” FUN FUN FUN

Her stomach looks like dough that is being kneaded to make a loaf of bread. a loaf of bread that ultimately will have to much yeast and blow up in the oven. then you would shape that blown up dough into something that looks like all of the pictures below.

Look at that….. ewwww!!!

5 Comments to “Lil Kim is just gross”

  • OMG Lil Kim looks gross.

  • What happened to her…..ewwwww

    First time here, how are you?

  • No for real what is wrong with her?

  • it’s sad…she’ had liposuction done wrong. smh

  • you sum’d it up perfectly…just eww

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