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I appreciate when a true comedian can make someone that’s an a$$ head feel more crappier then they already are. He gets on Lindsay so hard i almost pee’d myself. ENJOY!! only thing that would have made it better is if he had called her a dumb skank

Fresh out of rehab, wearing an alcohol bracelet, publicist says she’s working hard. I say Shut the f*ck up…… and get a life…..she might as well go the dealer buy an expensive a$$ car, drink tons of liquor, sniff a pound of crack and drive her car off the nearest cliff/bridge, anything high…if you don’t give a damn about anyone else then just KILL YOURSELF….. What a dumb a$$

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan was busted early Tuesday for possession of cocaine, driving under the influence, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility and driving on a suspended license — her second substance-related arrest in a matter of months, reported.

Lohan’s blood alcohol level was between .12 and .13, well over the .08 legal limit, and cocaine was found in her pants pocket, cops told

The 21-year-old actress’ arrest happened about 2:15 a.m. in Santa Monica, Calif., near Pico Boulevard and Main Street, according to


Crack is Whack!!!!!!!
Wiesel F Baby and Blah-Rule was arrested Lastnight(separately): Blah-rule is irrelevant but Wiesel…I don’t have very much to say…..tisk tisk tisk……

Hip hop artists Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were arrested Sunday (Jun. 22) evening after a Hot 97 sponsored concert at Manhattan’s Beacon Theater on charges of criminal possession of weapons, each in separate incidents, a New York Police Department spokesman told CNN.

According to officers, they pulled over a luxury car with Ja Rule and two others inside. Police say they recovered a .40-caliber pistol from the vehicle.

LIL Wayne however, was arrested about an hour later, in a separate incident, after police say the caught him and another man smoking marijuana. They also the rapper was found carrying a .40-caliber pistol. 31-year-old Jeffrey Atkins, better known as Ja Rule was last busted in 2004 for marijuana possession and driving without a license.


Amy’s crack habits are bound to get her into the Crack is Whack Hall of fame…recently at a concert she Had her audience scared and terrified huddles in a corner while she kicked then and spit on them…..(I have an active imagination) Maybe her and Lauryn Hill should team up to see who can piss their fans off the most…..

The gig became absolutely awful. Members of her entourage were coming on to the stage, obviously worried she couldn’t go on, and she would just shout “f*** off” at them. Everyone in the crowd just felt sorry for her,”

a concertgoer in attendance says. “She finished by spitting at someone in the audience,” a forty-one year old woman says.

source JHM

It’s almost like she was begging me to make her part of the campaign….It brings me great sorrow to have to put someone that used to be such a moving force in the music industry into such un-flattering category…..

But can you blame me….Let’s take this last picture for example…..Everything is just wrong…, she has been f’ing up at her own concerts, pissing people off, losing fans, dressing like……(let’s pray)

She looks like a_____________(You fill in the blank)

let’s get creative people!!! (i’ll post the most creative fill in the blank on a later post)

Dennis Rodman Dances atop a table at a night club…I think they might need a Costco’s Wholesale size of bleach and Clorox to make that place people friendly again.

Yes that is ball sweat

This is what I have to say: Let’s all bow or heads and close our eyes and say a pray for his unfortunate soul……This young man is on a TRAIN BOUND FOR HELL!!! or the street corner selling what’s left of his pierced and tattooed up pen15……I bet if he turns around in this picture you can see it…..EWWWWW

a part of the Crack is Whack Campaign, Not TI so much, But Tiny and her flat, pinched a$$ nose might have to be featured here very soon…They put a new meaning to Ghetto “Gutter” love…..I’d rather watch other “gutter” love couples like Weezy and Karin/Trina/Farrah

recently he threw another album release parties (which i hear the album is shutting down everyone Else’s album, i’m about to listen to it on Napster, before i decide to buy it or burn it…) and he also had a private promo dinner somewhere is Hoelywood.

Let’s all welcome out newest member….(or is he here already….he should have been the first)

Bobby and his Manager/Jump off Alicia Ethridge(who’s just as cracked out as he is)……who i believe he denies in an interview with sister2sister ( I can’t find it dammit) but i found what she said….whatever the deal….CRACK IS WHACK!!
Alicia Etheredge on relationship rumors:
• “We’ve been caught kissing. We have kissed before…but they’re making me this fiancé and this girlfriend, and it’s not that.” -sisiter2sisiter
One of his many crack arrest….or was this when his and Whitney were throwing down like Ike and Tina…..
He looks like if he opens his mouth all of his teeth will fall out:

Brown has been in trouble with the law including on battery charges against his former wife, singer and actress Whitney Houston.

Bad boy American singer Bobby Brown’s Rotorua concert will not go ahead on Sunday and there is no word on next week’s scheduled Auckland show.

The reason was unknown but he suspected poor ticket sales may have been a factor. source

Into the Crack is whack Hall of Fame

Don’t get me wrong, I still have hopes that her Album will be lovely but if she continues to behave the way she has been…then I’m afraid for her future. I don’t understand how she fell off in the first place. That damn wyclef…..Somebody get me an interview……..NOW!!

At a recent concert:

Angry fans who stayed for the performance were less than satisfied. One said, “She looked wasted… It was the worst gig of my life.” Another said, “She looked like a clown, singing in an incredible aggressive manner and looking as though she were absolutely wasted, her eyes rolling… It’s such a shame that such a talented individual is at such a low point. It was an absolute disgrace.”

If that wasn’t the kick in the balls: They also said that after spending over $80 dollars to see her sing, she arrived 2 Hours late, which happened to be 30 min before the place shut down. Talk about pissed. I would not have left that place with out either my money or handcuffed and wrestled down to the ground by state troopers…..

Very!! very!! Funny!!
I was visiting one of my other favorite blogs {bossip} when i was pointed in the direction of popbytes, and low and behold this is who I find, in all her crack headed glory, my favorite….Amy Crackhouse…..ohh to be a missing tooth

Children Close your eyes….NSFW woman give your man THE look!!

{ics Via YBF} remember a couple of post ago i showed you the cover to the upcoming issue of Playboy that Fancy would be cocking open on, well here are some more personal pics of the soon to be mommy……

Did someone slap saaphyrri with her money?
Her boobs are serious

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