I no longer do entertainment blogging but occasionally i come across unbelievable sh!t that makes me want to SHOUT and say the F word in creative ways… like fuckaloidoramous (i made that up as i typed) Little Kim NEVER and i mean NEVER ceases to amaze me. or maybe the correct word is SCARE the crap out of me. I guess the question that all of us seem to want to ask is WHO THE HELL DOES HER MAKEUP? I know it wasn’t my goddaughter because she was too busy eating cookies, and the Big Top circus is not do in town for another two weeks so I’m not sure if this was a sabotaged effort or if kim really sat there and said… “hmmm I think the vanilla frosting of this birthday cake matches my bleached blond skin perfectly”

A little off topic, Ray J is a tiny little man that I would like to put in my pocket and feed little bits on tomatoes and onion rings. I met him in Vegas and although my light skin was to dark for him, we still managed to share a hardy knee slapping laugh given his relationship efforts on “The love of Ray J”. I’m not sure what he was doing here spotted with cake face but I could care less. my blessing if they have decided to rekindle the flames of herpes and HPV (I wanna be one less)

back to lil Kim… In this first picture… something besides her face is off… does she have one track of bangs attached to her head SHAME, and Barbie EYELASHES are not the shit, those things look extremely aggressive like they are attacking her corneas. but who am I to talk…. one set of those plastic eyes lashes can pay off my college loans.

I guess like me Lil Kim, never fully understood the art of wearing makeup, I mean it’s hard… just the other day I found out that eye liner is supposed to go on that little pink part of you bottom lid, the whole time I was putting it right under that part… until my lady boo told me that I looked the fool (true friendship) lol… Kim has no friends to tell her that foundation should not stop abruptly at the neck (where you can see the obvious color CHANGE) they also didn’t’ tell her the frosting was not a preferred make up line of choice. I guess this all boils down to loneliness and a lack of positive friendship. poor Kim.. she don’t know any better. At this point nothing on her self is real. i think she has received every job there is to have, only thing left is implanting thicker chin splits.

7 Comments to “Casper the friendly Hoe!”

  • i agree. the chick is delusional. She thinks she is at least three shade lighter than what she really is, so she buys the makeup accordingly.

  • The faces Ray J. make in these pics are priceless. He got that “bitch are you serious?” look. Love it.

  • what is she doing with the make up?? it looks like she has str8 baby powder on her face…she needs to get w/ mac and knock it off she has tooooo much $$ to be looking like that biggie would not approve those pics…ray j looks like he just with her to help her get a lil shine…i feel bad for kim but she gotta do better than that if she wanna make a come back no body is beat for that crazy look she got going on…she look like somebody chest when they forget to rub that powder in…and i be PISSED 2 see that powder lingering on their neck LOL

  • Firstly,
    Ray J is a tiny little man that I would like to put in my pocket and feed little bits on tomatoes and onion rings.

    That was amazing.

  • OMG u r hilariousssssssssssss…glad to see you are back….i was stalking this spot for a bit of time…..mmmm ya i kno ive got issues…LOL….but am not exactly sure what cheap mirror Kim Choo is using becuz each and every time her face consitently appears to look mismached….like i mean doesn’t she have friends….where is her bloody manager???? i mean just cuz Kimmy needs glasses doesn’t mean everyone else have issues with their own eyes…..damn and to think there was a time Kim was more than acceptably pretty..now look at what jail snd a fading career does to you….i sure hope her nose doesnt fall right off!

  • i am pissed becuz i told your ass about ur football eyeliner new year’s eve 2008 when you had 2 big blue lines drawn under your eyes. tell me sorry NOW!

  • Kim looks pale as hell! One minute she looks Asian, and then she looks Brazilian. I hope she doesn’t have that “vitiligo” shit that Michael Jackson has. Sheesh.

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