Sooooo, here goes the story I have been promising you guys. Tuesday night I was tagged in a photo, when it happened I rolled my eyes and opened it. Only to find my name attached to the After party of the Fabolous Concert in Worchester. Ohhh JOY! I remember getting the call from my Friend/promoter a week ago to be on notice for it but I actually really just forget, because being on notice is not the same as a confirmation, okay maybe it is, but thinking that makes me sleep better at night.

So, I get the flier, Im all excited, but I have a major problem…. I’m sick, my voice has been missing for 2 days prior to the event and Im dead tired, my energy is depleted, I can barely keep my head up. I hope for the best. I have one day of rest before the show, so if i can just not exert myself and get it together I’ll be fine to meet Fab right?

Fast Forward to the day of the show: After speaking to the promoter, I learn that I have to just show up for the last two hours. so I rest up all day, take it easy, don’t talk too much. I already made up my mind that I would not rock out on the Mic to much, I’ll just stay there and look pretty. Bobby Shakes is my escort for the night. I go to pick him up from his home… we get on our way to worchester it’s like 11:00pm… I have never been to worchester but I like to think ahead, since my GPS likes to act like a Diva and my BF lost the charger for it, I decide to email myself the map quest directions cause I like to be prepared. You might ask: “Don’t your phone got GPS?” Yes BUT, it doesn’t talk to me so it’s pointless.

Road Trip: We set out for Worchester, AND let me just say for the record… that place doesn’t sound remotely appealing nor do I agree with the spelling of it. anyways…. we are on the way, me and BobbyShakes are discussing politics, the facts of life, and of course the BobbyShakesShow that come on, on Tuesday nights at 12:00am on 87.7FM *shameless plug*, we stop for gas and honey buns and we keep driving… here is where is gets good

10min from the venue it’s about 11:50, I notice a state trooper cruising by. I don’t think anything of it, cause i’m driving safely, speed limit in tact, Im not riding dirty…BUT I forgot one major thing… I’m BLACK!! The state trooper pulls over to the shoulder, and I breath a sigh of relief cause obviously he’s just doing his job, and he stopped so i’m good to go. AND THEN…. *woop woop* that’s the sound of the police (KRS1 voice)

GREAT Friggen GREAT! So he signals for me to pull over, I can’t even be mad cause my body is already fighting against me and WTF this is just my luck, this is that bullshit that happens to me all the time. At this point we are pulled over and I reach for my purse, BobbyShakes is like “DON’T MOVE, YOU ARE BLACK” im like “Whatever Bobby, im a girl” Bobby is still in his seat, I mean this dude does not move LMAO, I should have taken my cue from him, but im a girl and I’m CUTE. The Trooper comes over, first thing he says is “Mam, please STOP moving” So I STOP MOVING. The trooper is like he ran my plates and my license is suspended, im like “ohhh hell no” so he ask me for my license and registration, I dig through my purse for what seems like hours to find my license, I do have a bad habit of driving with out it, as well as running red light BUT hey, who’s watching. So I finally found it, i give it to him, he goes to check it, 13 hours later he comes back to tell me that it’s not my license it’s my registration that’s suspended. So Now Bobby Can’t drive my car to our destination, it must be towed to the tow lot. He makes us stand out on the side of the road while the tow truck comes and hooks up my car, NOT BEFORE he searches through it for weapons and drugs, and the normal things that black people usually have in their car. Good thing I have on my fancy shoes (gold flats and mismatched socks) I like to drive in comfort.

We now have the option of riding to the police station with the trooper or going with the tow truck. We choose The police car because What’s more cooler then riding in the police car. so we hop in the back of the police car, handcuff less… (somewhere deep inside I wanted the cuffs, only because im weird or freaky, whatever) The state trooper is extremely nice, we discuss having tea, and his horror stories, The BobbyShakesShow (Tues 12-2am hot97boston) and whatever else people discuss in the back of a police car. He drops us off at the trooper barracks gives us his name and badge number, tells us to have a great night, I slip him my phone number and wink at him (lies) and then me and my escort Bobby Shakes proceed to do what we do best… Laugh at life and talk about everything that doesn’t make sense. I call the promoter to let him know what the deal is, he’s understanding and my friend, and what kind WTF kind of F’d up situation is this anyways, who can get mad at that???

Bobby Shakes’ girlfriend comes in and rescues us 45min out of her bed, she is our HERO… she refuses to take me to ihop, but at least I get a nice ride home in a warm car and I don’t have to drive.

In conclusion I’ll prob never do a show in Worchester again, unless they send a black cadillac truck 2010 or newer to come get me. The car recovery story will be continued in the next post… There is a lot more drama….

I’ll soon return with the rest of the story.

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