The fact that this is actually a real group makes me Hulk angry, I don’t understand why little girls are not focused on their multiplication tables and long division instead of album releases and club performances. After that whole BET thing with Lil Wayne and Drake going under the Knife because these lil girls decided to run up on stage i thought they had been given up on being child stars. To my horrible surprise I was wrong.

As you Know… Lil Wayne’s daughter and T.I’s daughter are both in the group along with two terribly names sisters (refuse to type them). Rumor has it that Lil Wayne has sent a kite to the outside world letting Toya (his baby momma) know that he doesn’t want Reginae in the group any more. They speculate that since T.I’s release, T.I has focused on the little girls and trying to market them, and that Wayne is jealous.  Other rumors say that Reginae has such a diva like attitude that Toya decided that it is best for her to go solo… Either way i don’t care, and either way she’s out. I think it’s stupid and I think it’s a lost cause. Look at the cheetah girls now, they all are a bunch of homley hoes.they should quit now cause being ahead of the game doesn’t seem to be in the cards.The OMG Girlz are Tiny’s special little business venture. *sigh*

p.s- I don’t watch the show so if none of this is true let me know, im just telling you what i heard.

And what the hell kind of name is the OMG Girlz???

One Comment to “OMG Girlz Loses Raginae”

  • ummmm divas? on their way to being child-star whores

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