Today was the BIG DAY! All week I have been preparing for my photo shoot. I envisioned it in my head, I knew how it would come out. I had my day timed to the “T” Nothing could go wrong. I got this! I woke up early, went to a meeting with my mom at 10:00 happened to meet a great contact at the meeting, who could intern become my mentor. Great! After the meeting we went to breakfast, my boyfriend met us there, we had great conversation, great food, and a wonderful time. After breakfast i went home, took a shower (no i didn’t take one prior to leaving the house #dontjudgeme) so like i was saying… took a shower, got dressed and headed up to my meeting at 1:00. My photo shoot was scheduled for 5:00 so I had plenty of time, and my photographer was there too, so i knew that if i was late he would be too… But how could I be late when i had 4 long hours to spare. So… the meeting was supposed to start at 1:00 i got there at 1:10 the meeting ended up starting at 1:45 (Bad sign) meeting finished at 2:30 BUT we had another meeting at 3:00 Okay, as long as I’m out by 4:00 everything should be okay. THAT 3:00 Meeting started around 3:35 (Terrible sign) at this point my hair and makeup is supposed to happen at 4:30. I leave my meeting at 4:11 and just as I’m about to walk out the door, a friend asks me for a ride *sigh* it’s cold as shit, i live somewhat in his area. I LIVE does not mean WHERE I’m going. I do it anyways (BAD DECISION) as we are driving I’m watching the time fly by, I mean the minutes are going up as fast as I’m driving. I’m starting to panic and I can’t keep my eyes on the road properly BECAUSE I’m too busy watching the clock. I drop him home, and since I’m around my house, i guess I’ll run home and get my stuff since… I packed the night before so that I could be prepared before my shoot.

Note: This whole time im driving my mom’s car

Sooooo, as I’m home picking up my things, i decided to take my own car because my mom can’t drive my car, so why don’t i just take mine?? (BAD DECISION) as I’m driving to my hair salon, where my makeup man is at, my car… My Car, MY CAR, my WONDERFUL CAR decides that it would like to have a flat tire. At this point I’m 20 min late for my appointment. NOTE: I have the venue from 5-7 I have to be out by no late then 7:30 and at this point it’s about 5:00. I call my boyfriend in a panic like OMG my car has a flat I’m riding on the rim… I was LITERALLY riding on the rim, but I’m like i have to make it to this appointment and i mean now. so i put on the hazards and I start chanting “I think I can, I think I can” I pray to God to get under the car, turn into a wheel and start rolling as my wheel. He gets me there I park illegally, mentally already submitting my appeal to the courts to fight the ticket (i think ahead) I run into the salon and i get my hair done. Mind you it’s Sunday, my hairdresser has a new baby and only came out with the excuse that she left some breast-milk in the fridge at work. So she gets me done in no time.

It gets better…

At this point my boyfriend comes to save the day, we’re going to switch cars and he will fix my tire so I can hightail it out of there when I’m done. He takes the car on the rim to the nearest gas station. I call my sister ask her to go pick up the photographer, we can still make it, we have less time so we have to get this ball on the road. The whole time im trying to find other venues just in case we get kicked out of the original venue.

Make up time:…. All my foundation and other random shit it in the car. My makeup man doesn’t have my color foundation (first time working with him) BUT I have foundation in the car (foundation is needed for a photoshoot, you don’t want to come out all greasy) I call the aggravated boyfriend to check the progress he’s aggravated. Tensions start to flare, I’m already nervous, I’m already frustrated, and I’m holding back the tears BECAUSE somehow my day is turning into SHIT. I make a mad dash to the gas station where Mr. frustration is working diligently on my car, which won’t release the tire because it’s frozen and the rim lock is frozen too, no matter what it won’t give, he’s frustrated and talking to me like I popped my tire on purpose. I’m getting frustrated cause he’s frustrated with the tire and taking it out on me. I need my foundation…. Long story short. I get my make up done, he still can’t get the tire off, triple A is being a bitch, it’s cold. I’m pretty my hair is pretty, the boyfriend is being mean to me, I’m emotional, we argue loudly in the gas station, it’s cold, I’m crying, my make up is running, my curls are droppings, it’s 6:30 I’m THROUGH, he’s angry, the photographer is waiting, I’m stressed.

My sister makes the executive decision to cancel the shoot because I’m a F’n mess, and now very ugly YET wonderfully beautiful, my boyfriend is still angry with me, I hate him, and my night is full of tears, boggers, and a minor asthma attack, or was it a panic attack. Either way my body and emotions turned on me and nothing I wanted to happen happened. I have nothing and that’s all

oh yea, my eyebrows wern’t even done. *sigh*

My carfeully planned photoshoot, was rescheduled for a time and date TBA #FML

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  • Hahaha Hotsauce! You are too funny and thoroughly entertaining. I love the blog. Keep up the good work doll!

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