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Til Death do us part… MY A$$

The two-time Grammy Award winning neo-soul powerhouse is “going through divorce proceedings” with her longtime lover and husband of five years Lyzel Williams, an insider confirmed.

She sure don’t look sad to me…or was she singing her divorce blues…..Too Sad!….. I love her

read about it

Praise Jebus
Isaiah has found the lord…just kidding from Doctor to Priest on the set of “The least of these” read more on C&D
Reunited and it feels so good

Trina/Weezy: No crying this time guys??……LOVE…..(yuck)
Kelis looks like a PLUM FOOL

I’m all for creative expression but come on now. DAYUM!! and….do she still got songs to perform????

This black man is trying to get paid
And hell, I would too if i was Lindsay Lohan’s Body guard. It’s been said around the grapevine that he will be releasing a tell all book about the little crackhead

He says: “I would pray every night she wouldn’t kill herself on my watch. I desperately hope she stops doing drugs but fear that will only happen when she kills someone else with her reckless ways–or kills herself.”

Make that money man!!!! read more
Who’s my daddy???
Prince Henry wants to know if Eddie Murphy is his daddy too??? Okay not really but he does want some answers as to who his real poppa is. Is it James Hewitt or is it Christopher Anderson
How much $$ are fake Boobs?, and this is why people should raise they own kids
This mag has to be the absolute worst. How do they come up with this ish….maybe i should just start random rumors and see where it leads me.

Here’s one: Angelina and brad are about to adopt a baby elephant from New Zealand. as use it as a sex slave…. (how’d I do)

Since You been gone (good song, not good enough)

Someone found out that their American Idol hype is dying down really really fast. I knew it, why didn’t she, and why the hell her dude, play her out like that and say the real reason she won’t be touring…….???? LOL…and has anybody noticed how big this chicks tongue is???

On her website she writes:In the craziness of the music business, performing is what I look forward to doing the most, so it really is disappointing for me to have to tell you that I won’t be coming out to tour this summer. The fact is that touring is just too much too soon.”

In the same statement, LiveNation CEO Michael Rapino said: “[T]icket sales have not been what we anticipated and we came to the realization that we had bit off more than we could chew.” He Played her!!! NOT HOTT!!

read more

EVE and Youtube team up: Tamborine

So you think you can shake your tamborine???

Well E-V-E is holding a contest over at youtube, to find the best tambourine shaker out there. HERE. you can enter your video and get your shake on, and I’m not talking about the kind that you shake at Early morning Church service I’m talking about…I don’t know what I’m talking about see for your self…..

First of all let me say Eve’s wig is ALL WRONG!!!! second, here are a few that I found entertaining and worthy….. The Good…

We got some Granny’s

Some that got a little too much sugar in the pants

The the ones with the tambourines literally inside their bodies

There were a few clowns that entered but they ain’t serious so why should I post up about them… again click here for a chance to enter. I’m about to go put on my spandex and get my shake on.


Old School P.I.M.P. (Good ol’ YOUTUBE)

Hello Everyone,

Ever wake up in the morning….. and would rather do nothing else but to call your boss and say F**K YOU I’m not coming in today because I’m tired, and you can KISS MY A$$. Well I feel that way everyday.

Then if that’s not bad you decide to make the best of the morning because you can’t really say that to your boss so you do your morning rituals. then get in your car to drive to work only to be presented with UTTER AND COMPLETE MORONS on the road.

The type of drivers that make you want to put your car in park, step out of your work pumps/shoes, put on your sneakers/timbs, smear Vaseline on your face, tie up your hair and WHOOP SOMEBODIES A$$…… but since you can’t do that either because this judicial system that we live by will allow people to damn near kill you but you can’t bring justice to the world by literally snatching them out the road.

Sooo, you come into work only to be pissed off all day damn by the voices of the people in the cubes around, until it’s time to go to lunch and in that case you feel like work should be over after lunch, but that would make way to much sense the the employer. you stomp back to your desk with a sh!tty attitude because your not satisfied and pissed with the amount of money the nasty a$$ cafeteria charges for a dry a$$ sandwich and juice ($9 m’fn dollars, and I’m serious) and to top it off your pissed because you left the food that your momma/you made in the fridge that you planned to bring to work, but were rushing cause that morning you almost convinced your self that you weren’t going to work….

So you come back to your desk for the rest of the day, wait for the clock to hit (insert your get off time here) and are put back into the same situation of STUPID A$$ DRIVERS, all rushing to do what your trying to do GET THE HELL HOME AND BACK TO YOUR DAMN BED

Moral of the story. YOUTUBE!! will get you through your day. ENJOY!!

THIS VIDEO MADE ME FEEL BETTER, and who ever was commentating on screen, made me want to hug them, cause I think they knew that I needed something to LOL about….I hope it brings a smile to my fellow angry people.



You gotta love this girl: In searching for Something to blog about. I decided to visit and see what i could come up with…So i found Shatar…I obtained a couple of interviews that she has done and pulled out the most HIGHlarious of them…..

Your hair is a major plot point, as well. Do you still have that weave in?
I do still have my extensions. My hair as a child was a long, thick, reddish blonde, so this hair is not that much of a stretch for me.
In one of the VSPOT extras, you say that you could keep your hair in for five years.
The quality of the hair is very high and it is guaranteed for five years.
But you’d have to get that redone or something to keep it in that long, right?
Oh yes. Maintenance, of course. That’s part of an elegant woman’s style.

And it’s literally woven in? It’s not a wig? Or is it?
It is extensions. You can purchase them buy the pound or buy the length and mine is over three-feet long.

Do you think you’ll change it? It’s sort of your signature at this point.
As an actress, it is important to change my style. I am an entertainer, I’m an actress and a vocalist, and I will gladly switch it up for the role.

I love Cash. What kind of dog is he?
He’s special genetic breed. He’s a combination of Piekenese and Persian, so he has many habits of a cat, but he’s a papered Pekingese puppy.

So, wait. He’s a dog, but he has cat in him?
Yes. He’s a special genetic breed.

How do you get one of those?
It’s like the new thing now where you can have them bred for certain characteristics and size. He’s everything. He’s very intelligent and he eats a primarily vegetarian diet.

OK. But he’s a dog? Or is he a cat-dog?
He’s a dog. He’s a papered Pekingese.

Your blinking does seem fairly pronounced. Is it a coincidence that the editors picked up on it?
I can confess that I overcame childhood blindness. When I went into the doctor’s office, they covered one of my eyes and I just started screaming because my vision was going. Through a series of very strenuous eye exercises and wearing very thick, thick Coke-bottle eyeglasses with an eye patch, I was able to overcome blindness. I say if I can do it, with any amount of determination, people can overcome whatever they have to and reach their own goals.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years, my stage age will be 23 (laughs). I’ll be doing more movies, producing many of my own television series. I definitely intend to be starring in my own series in the near future and more starring movie rolls. Touring internationally. [I see myself as] an international star like Madonna or Michael Jackson or Gwen Stefani. An icon.

And besides that, what’s next for you? Are you dating anyone?
People always ask that, especially after Flavor of Love. My answer for them is I love love. I am told that I am the new image of the perfect woman and one day I’ll be with the image of the perfect man.

You know there was a rumor that it was between you and her to get the show.I know! I didn’t hear about it until after the show was announced and a friend of mine called me and said “I though that was your show.” I had no idea! I wouldn’t have done it anyways. There’s no way I would have 13 men slobbering all over me on television. I think that’s part of the reason why I was let go from Flavor of Love so soon. If you notice, the episode after I left there was a threesome or something in a shower. I think the producers knew I would not take off my clothes or sleep with anyone and there were girls that would. I will say this about I Love New York…do you notice anything familiar? I ALWAYS wore gems on my eyes, beautuiful eyelashes and eye shadow and now New York’s stylist has her wearing them. In every episode of Flavor of Love I wore a pink feather robe and I’ve seen Tiffany wearing the same thing several times on her show. She also talks freely about her hair extensions now, where she didn’t before. Come to think of it, what’s up with those new surgical enhancement she had done recently? Isn’t it something like a 38DD. Hmmm.Well, you know they say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.I would just like to thank New York’s stylist for keeping Hottie’s style alive even when I’m not there. I’d also like to mention that mine are real, so obviously I had THOSE first too! I am an original.

Flipping the subject completely, can you clear something up once and for all? 44DD – Natural?
Really?(Squealing in laughter) Yes! It’s true! They’re ALL mine, they’re real, and they’re fabulous! And they’re not going anywhere! It comes from my father’s side. I hadn’t seen some of them since I was about 12 and as soon as they saw me they were like, yes, she’s definitely kin to us! There are all of these rumors about me having plastic surgery, I’m all natural. I’ve never had any type of work done whatsoever. I’ve always been honest about wearing extensions, but other than that, I’m all me. One thing I am is real. I’m upfront about the fact that I’m all about money.

What’s up with the music career?
I have a brand new single out and it’s called “It’s Money Banks.” If you go to my MySpace page, you will begin to see promotional material about the song and where to buy it. It is so hot.

Are you working on an album?
Right now, I’m releasing singles. My first one was a Flavor of Love spoof called “My Man, My Mansion, My Money.” I’m recording with one of the original members of Earth, Wind & Fire. It’s totally awesome.

Is the full video for “My Man…” on the way?
I will say that the video clip is available on YouTube, as you’ve seen.

Will there be a full length video?
I have to say stay tuned.

I also read that you have a five-octave voice.
Yes. I weaned my voice on records that my mom has by Minnie Ripperton. I was just hitting the high notes and that’s how I weaned my voice. I hear that those notes make people’s bones vibrate when I hit them, but I’m just doing my passion, and that’s entertaining and making music.

Check out her online resume Her Myspace page and her home page

Shatar’s protege will be on Charm school this Sunday on VH1 10P

Watch a sneak peak at sunday’s show!

You can get the whole interviews of Shatar here and here Blog


Hott News and randomness I Find on the WWW

Usher is a LAME

Shut up with all that talk Usher, you and your old a$$ broad ain’t nobody. Seems like Ush is putting his foot down, read story. he wants the radio people and the gossip people to stop talking trash about him and his (be nice)…….I think Usher should “GET A BIG FAT LIFE” Friggin LAME!!! besides i thought he was Gay, maybe she is as close to man as the he will allow him self to indulge in. (shrugging my shoulders)

Me Vs Me

TI’s new album is entitled T.I vs T.I.P- Ummmmm (thinking! thinking! thinking!) My mind is telling me I hate it but my heart is saying…..I hate it to. I guess when you a celeb you can do the “straight jacket” thing and get away with it

Monica’s Son Celebrated his 2nd Birthday

The baby daddy

Khandi from Xcape and child

That Nicca named Luda

What could he possibly do with all them toys. DID I HEAR YARD SALE?!?

Brandy Sued One more again

Some more law suits against Brandy have been filed, now the dog that was peeing and got scared when Brandy caused the accident on the highway is suing the R-list singing for loot. Na Sah it’s the next dude that was in the car crash that didn’t die. Brandy has decided to sue back, and try to finally put a hush to all the plum foolishness that these people are doing to her. It’s sad that she killed a woman but come on people read the papers She ain’t got no money. She’s just as washed up as the next man.

Jordin being ungrateful

Jordin don’t make me slap you. Why you ain’t tell nobody that you had some voice lessons back in the day, your poor voice coach is very pissed that you didn’t acknowledge your training. What will it be next…..You gonna play out American Idol…… You ain’t to old for me to take off my belt…..

Yuck Reggie I hope you bleach your tongue…..

I have a serious heart thumping crush on Reggie Bush and him being with Kim “skankaloid” Harblahblabla is making me want to do a drive by on her face….. according to these to are on it like curry on chicken

I can’t wait until the month changes

Bootz got a calender……..Oh My……. I’m going to be the first one to have it…NOTTTTTT!!! visit her page here. I think it’s stupid that all you have to do to make it big is to give a little attitude and pretend to be a virgin. If only it were that simple. I wouldn’t kiss flavor flav with someone else’s mouth.

Shopping for a night of Drunken anorexic Fun

Instead she should be shopping for a clinic to start some tube feedings if she can’t eat on her own
I hope you checked you email for this invitation… I sure got mine.. LOL. Looks like some good old crack slinging, alcohol binging, weight watching FUN!!!

Mischa decided to mix alcohol with antibiotics and get rushed to the hospital for some real action. DUMB A$$.

Look at this Skank couple days after her “hit and stumble away”, paparazzi catches her passed out in a friends car. They should stuff a dildo in her mouth before taking the picture.

Closer to home(Very Sad): New England is in Mourning over Patriots player Marquise Hill’s Death on Monday

Hill’s agent, Albert Elias, said he had been told Hill and a young woman were on the water craft Sunday in the lake when both of them went into the water, which had a strong current. Elias said the woman was able to make it to a pylon and hang on until she was rescued, while Hill was last scene floating away from the scene.
Neither Hill nor the woman wore a life preserver, Coast Guard Petty Officer Tom Atkeson said.
Another boater called in the accident around 9:30 p.m Sunday. The boater said he heard someone yelling for help and found a woman holding on to a piling. The boater said he saw Hill but lost sight of him before he could get close enough to rescue him.
“We are all shocked,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a statement.
The woman was rescued and sent to Tulane Medical Center where she said Hill had tried to keep her calm as the two were drifting away from each other.

According to Hill’s official biography on the Patriots Web site, he was born in New Orleans and attended Louisiana State University with a degree in General Studies. He was drafted by the Patriots in the second round of the 2004 draft.
He saw limited action in the NFL last season, with brief appearances in four games.
Elias said Hill had spent much of his time since Hurricane Katrina helping family members rebuild their homes.
He leaves behind a fiance and 2 year old son.

Please pray for his family and friends


Fight! Fight! Fight!

To all the baby bloggers out there:This is what’s going on in the big leagues. Looks like YBF, Sandra Rose, and Juiicyscoop. Have Internet beef…but not really it seems like it’s only the chick over at Sandra Rose. Since I’m all for what’s Hott and what’s Not, my nosey a$$ got all up in it (from the back) Can’t wait til someone cares enough about That’s not Hott!! to start beef. I’m Inspired!!!!!!

Seems to me like some other person gave SR a bogus tip that YBF and Juiicy were talking trash sooo…………

Sandra Rose writes:

I don’t know what a blog beef is. I didn’t know blogs could beef and I also didn’t know I had beef with a blogger until a friend of mine sent me this email from a another female blogger named FreezeFiya of Juicyscoop blog – at least I hope the blogger is a chick. I would hope that a dude wouldn’t email another dude like that unless he’s a punk. I’m assuming her “homie” is Natasha of YBF. I have never met Natasha and I don’t visit her blog at all. It’s safe to say that we are not friends. I only learned what she looks like today after a friend of hers sent me her pic. She is young and she is black. And big women are very much in vogue right now. Not Hott!!
YBF writes:
Foolywang material doesn’t deserve my time. So note to all my readers: Please do not waste any more of your precious seconds e-mailing me the rants, lies, and concoctions of a certain blogger who cannot survive without talking greasy about me and YBF. She is on permanent ignore mode on my end and I will not entertain the tomfoolery and fake beef created with her imagination. We keep it fabulous at all times here at YBF. - HIGHlarious!!!

In a comment back to her readers comments about the beef, YBF writes:
I don’t mention her name or her site here at YBF and I for damn sure don’t want people thinking I’m giving her the time of day. Silly me to think that since I dont’ have time to worry about other bloggers…they shouldn’t have the time to worry about me. So thanks again for the enlightenment. Moving on to bigger things…

Freeze Fiya (from Juiicy Scoop) writes:

How lame can you be….Now I can’t lie, I’m not a fan of MTO or Sandra either but beefing on the net, You can’t be serious!?….While I’m chilling in MIA and ATL over the weekend, I got haters blogging about me to get their clicks up…It’s no beef with me because I really don’t have time for it… Please act your age and keep my name out of your mouth.While she picks her face up, I’m going to K.I.M.(Keep It Moving)…Some people just have to much time on there hands. Nice Touch

I got the inside scoop from RRR’s blog, so if you want to read the full out beef check the site, on there she pulls out the most hilarious comments from all three sites. A must read!

I’ll keep ya’ll posted on anything else i find out. I’m just getting into it so look out for more… if any!!!

See why black people can’t have Nuffin!!!!!

One would think that this would be a great time in History for black people, but yet again we find Slavery in every friggin situation…..

Dream Girls reject Anika Noni Rose (who’s fab is every sense) has been officially crowned as the voice of Princess Tiana, which was changed from Princess Maddy because it sounded too close to the slave name “Addy”. I’m so floored by that that i want to spit……Who the hell cares what the name sounds like……anyways (more complaints down below)

From The Blog of Jim Hill (Disney Blogger)

Chief among their complaints were:

  • The name “Maddy” sounded too much like “Mammy” and/or “Addy” (Which supposedly was a slave name)
  • Maddy starts off this film working as a chamber maid for Charlotte, a rich, white, spoiled Southern débutante. Which — to some particularly sensitive types — also smacked of slavery.
  • The film’s original title — “The Frog Princess” — was interpreted (by some) to be insulting toward France. Or — at the very least — a slur on French royalty.
  • Lets not forget the Vilian in the story is a black Voodoo priest who’s last name is Duvalier who they say is after the Haitian Dictators Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier and his son, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier

Let me vent it out: Are black people for real… something wrong with me when i want to put slavery behind me and GET THE HELL OVER IT!!. Was it not my ancestors as well that were being whipped with chains and hung up on trees by their ears? Is that not something to try to build our way out of (bringing slavery back to the forefront)? As soon as anything Black Happens there always has to be controversy. Al Shapy and Jesse are soon going to be rioting and protesting outside of Disney studios to stop production of this movie….IS IT NOT ABOUT TIME THAT DISNEY WANTS TO FINALLY COME OUT WITH A BLACK PRINCESS???????? Then why is is so hard for us as black people to sit the hell down and shut the hell up and let these people make their movie???

{source} and {source}


Hereos:Less Confused or ??

Hottcap: After a hard afternoon learning how to be a super doper swords man, he now has to go find his lil dumb a$$ friend who thinks that he can miraculously beat Sylar by himself. HA! Clair and Peter go in search of the rest of the Hereo’s since they now know that Sylar has radioactive power. DL and Niki/Jessica try to get away and go look for Mica. Molly and Saresh act like a family, along with the cop and Mr Bennett. Nathan/Peter’s Mom is still a major B!TCH

Peter decides that he needs to go to his brother for some help. Clair tries to tell him that he can’t trust his brother but Peter gets all punk like and says that he “needs his brother cause he’s scayard” (best baby voice). This turns out to be a bad idea because Nathan is very keen on blowing up New York (as he should) but still. Peter hears Nathans thoughts and realizes that Clair was right.

By then Clair and her little fast self has already ran away, but the little idiot runs straight into the Queen witch of the world Her grandmother. and Peter is now somewhere in an ally passed out because he has too much power in his system. Soooo back to Clair…she is now being taken away to somewhere out of the city but with instructions from her father (Mr. Bennett) to get away as soon as she is safe.

Once she finds out that she will be practically the only one saved she take the opportunity to jump out the window about 3 million feet, and gets away to go find Peter and her dad. This was one of the best scenes i have ever seen. I wish i could regenerate!!!!! (woe is me)

Little Molly is so stressed out that she needs another transfusion. She helps to locate Peter and Sylar. But tells them that she can find everyone except for one man, a even badder boogyman. someone that she can’t think of because when she does he can see her thinking about him (deep) who could it be??????????? Could be that evil a$$ Mrs. Petrillie

DL and Niki fight for DL’s life, and try to get out of harms way from Linderman’s Crew, and he uses his last bit of strength to get them through the wall. so they they can continue to look for their son. Long story short Niki (the weak one) ends up running into Eve (chick that can turn into anyone) and they end up fighting, well Niki gets punched around like a lil b!tch, until Jessica (the bad one) encourages her to Man Up. so she fights back and both personalities are now One (wonderful) lets not forget she gives Eve the punch of her life and the hoe goes down
This is how Ando thinks that he will kill Sylar(LOL) Not quit what he expected. Hiro soon comes to find him and manages to escape all faster then the blink of the eye (cool) i actually clapped for that scene. felt really good to see Hiro do something not so nerdy.
Sylar sits there drawing pictures of his future and the way that he is going to meet his fate. seems weird to anyone else? (if Sylar can see his future why doesn’t he just change it) hmmm???

So Sylar some how finds Peter and they get ready to fight, or might i say Sylar starts to fight and chokes the ish out of Peter.

Sidebar: can someone explain to me. if they both have basically all the same powers minus a few why is it that every time they get in each others presence Sylar always ends up dominating. is it because sylar knows how to work his powers and Peter is just unable to learn, or is it because Peter has to big of a heart to help himself…….???????……..(thinking cap on)

While Sylar is now beating Peter down with a Parking meter. Niki helps to distract Peter by yanking the Meter out of Sylars hands and hiting him with him. (YAY FOR NIKI) then Hiro comes out of no where and with a sudden running movment plunges the butter knife I mean sword in Sylar’s stomach and Sylar goes down. HUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

:so all a long this whole season we have been waiting for someone to stop Sylar and all it took was a damn stab in the belly. only part of the show that pissed me off, because my 6 month old Godson could have killed Sylar if it was that damn easy.
So at this point while Sylar is down and Peter is starting to get all hot and bothered because his radio active powers are in overdrive, no one is available to put him down (The cop got shot up by his own gun, Mr Bennett, got sent into a wall head first, Clair is randomly in the world, DL is shot, and Niki needs to stay by him, and the children are just babies so they can’t help) so Hiro tries and sylar sends him somewhere into the nearest buliding, but Hiro happens to teleport to God knows where???????????? All of a sudden Nathan appears and tells Peter that he wants to help him. he says ” You were told to save the cheerleader, so that we can save the world” AHHHHHHHH that’s so toot!! (if i close my eyes really tight a tear would have popped out)

So they embrace and then fly into space to explode. The End!!! NNNNOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!

In Hereos: Generations which happens to be the beginning of the of the next season

Hiro ends up somewhere in the 17th century about to get killed by an army of angry Asians until a single horseman comes to his rescue…could it be his daddy….To Be Continued

Don’t forget to tune into Hereos: Origin this summer


Did Anyone Catch Desperate Housewives Last Night

Hottcap: Fairview is a Mess

After about a month these two come back to the show with more bullsh!t under their hoods. Such a perfect couple…..yet ohh so screwed up! she comes back “pregnant” but we later find out that it’s a trick so that they can keep my name sake Danielle’s pregnancy a secret. something tells me that this is not only NOT going to work but that it will back fire right in their faces.

For the first time in DHW history…..Suzann does something smart. Mike has been picking up extra shifts to be able to pay for Suzann dream wedding, which means getting up at all times of the early morning to do emergency plumbing. So Suzann concocts the perfect plan. she has Julie set up a fake call for him to fix someones water something, only to find that Suzann and Julie have set up a nice romantic wedding in the woods.
After a short and intimate ceremony the three and now a happy little family

Carlos finds out the Edie is full of ish and has been taking birth control, instead of trying to get pregnant. He is pissed and tells her that it’s over and that he will never trust her again.

Sidebar: that was a dumb stupid, of and idiotic idea for her to think that she was going to get away with that. and above all it was just flat out mean.

Sooooooo… the end I guess so distraught over everything Edie goes and hangs her self. IS THIS FOR REAL. DID EDIE REALLY CHUNK UP THE DUCES AND LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!! I guess we will have to wait until next season


Pre Charm Fools Post

VH1 hasn’t posted and pics for me to e-jack(LOl) so i’m going to post about the now expelled Shatar

After getting eliminated yesterday for being falsely accused of stealing dumb a$$ Leilene’s Mothers Pictures Shatar decided to write the producers of Charm School a letter. which goes something like this:

Let’s keep it real. The judges should have kept it tight and reviewed the film the same way they did for the etiquette segment.

My character was defamed. This was obvious and clear bias. I was crucified – hung on an emotional cross!

Hugs don’t get it. We are out here in the real world.

I demand a PUBLIC APOLOGY from the girls and the judges, televised on VH1 and I demand my own Shopping Couture with Schatar from the VH1 network immediately.

Purely HIGHlarious!!!
to read the rest of her response letter click here for the full post. it’s also posted on her “what seems to be fake (my opinion)”Myspace page.

This is pretty old but Flavor of Love1 star New York is said to be a Big Fat Fake according to

Who are they!!!!????!!!!

The story goes that an insider at VH1 reported that:

Miss ‘New York’ is actually Kenya Simmons of Newark New Jersey. Never heard of her? Well, it’s not likely that you would have.

Simmons, a former exotic dancer, has shown up to many a reality show castings. (I work for Fox). To add hilarity to the stew, she was rejected thrice by “The Bachelor”.Simmons is not the only television hopeful who has shown her face at numerous open call castings.

The actress (and I use that term loosely) who plays “Mrs. Michelle”, New York’s mother, Leslie Bibbs, is not only of no relation to Simmons, but once stood in the same cattle call line with her at an open call for a B.E.T reality show.

Another amazing tidbit: Bibbs and Simmons are only 5 years apart in age.I’ve never heard much about the actor playing Mr. New York, but my friend seems to think he works at VH1. isn’t the best provider for legit statements so believe at your own discretion…

Also from we learn that Flav might has thought his sh!t smelled a little to good. The king of of Foolishness, might have kicked his self in the A$$ by asking for too much money for Flavor of Love 1 and 2.

“A source over at the network told that Flav tried to negotiate a huge payday for himself. The insider explains, “[Flav] was asking for millions of dollars for each season of Flavor Of Love – that was way more than we were willing to spend … We ended up going with I Love New York instead and, needless to say, it worked out pretty well for us.”

read full story

Now he’s trying to lower is asking price because he realizes that he’s about to be a father for the 1 millionth time. check out this recent clip of him and his whale sized “TPT” of a baby momma

I love it!!!!

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